Nord Piscine

In business since 1974, our company has developed the essential resources and expertise to design, equip and build

- Residential swimming pools

- Public pools (e.g. hotels, country clubs, camping)

- Recreational lagoons and spray parks

- Wellness facilities/SPA

- Aquatic parks

Your satisfaction will come from our turnkey solutions featuring creative designs and the latest technology. All rooted on proven technical knowhow, tailored to your needs and easy to operate for many years to come.

At every stage of the project you will benefit from our extensive range of services including site inspection, project planning, renderings, equipment, installation, after-sale service and staff training. Each customized to your requirements.

Nord Piscine S.r.l. – Northern Italy (Headquarters)

Via Enrico Fermi, 34 - 20090 Assago (MILANO)
Where we are
We are structured to provide customer service and technical assistance throughout Italy and abroad